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Summer is usually the time for memorable trips and fun getaways, but its also the time for braai's and get togethers with friends and family. For many South Africans, as summer approaches, its time to forget the stresses of life and chill a little. Here are 5 tips to make the most of it!
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 "When night falls and power is nowhere to be found, LuminAID's emergency lanterns are a light in the darkness"

Hurricanes, wildfires, floods, and powerful storms have devastated communities all over the country, now is the time to make sure your disaster preparedness tech is ready to go. Having the right tools during emergencies can help you access critical information, stay in touch with rescue workers and loved ones, and possibly save your life.

Last summer, USA Today featured LuminAID solar lanterns in their roundup of the tech you need at hand when disaster strikes. Our lanterns are quick to inflate and last up to 24 hours on a full charge, making them your go-to source of light during an emergency or power outage. See USA Today’s full list of emergency gadgets, including life-saving apps and batteries, in the article below Tropical Storms Laura and Marco: What tech you need when disaster strikes
Jennifer Jolly
Special to USA TODAY

When disaster looms, having the right tech tools can help you get critical information, keep in touch with rescue workers and loved ones – maybe even save your life.  

“I can’t imagine going through a giant storm without my gadgets,” says Kathy Zucker, author and founder of the Metro Moms Network.

Zucker lives in Hoboken, New Jersey, and rode out a pair of hurricanes, Irene and Sandy, at home with her husband and young children. “Because I had my smartphone and laptop, and a giant, massive backup battery/power supply to keep them powered up, I never lost touch with the outside world during the entire storm. That was everything.”

When a hurricane loomed just off the coast of North Carolina, novelist Christina Wood was busy charging up gadgets as she boarded up windows at her Wilmington area condo. “The most important tech gadgets in this (disaster situation) are batteries! The bigger, the better.” Wood wrote to me over email. “We might be without power for a long time. A lot of locals have generators. But if you don't, power bricks are like gold!”

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Little did LuminAid founders Andrea Sreshta and Anna Stork know they would have such a profound impact on a country so far removed from their own; South Africa.
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