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About Us

Mixx Agency is the team behind LuminAid in South Africa. The group owns the distribution rights for select eco-friendly global products in South Africa. The vision behind LuminAid is not merely the sale of a product but to really shed light on South Africa in a greater context.
"I've always been on the look-out for good design and environmentally friendly products, and came across LuminAID years ago. The AID part is in their name for a reason, as they have been coming to the aid of people suffering in the aftermath of  earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and fires all over the world, for  almost a decade. 
When I was invited to take part in a Rocketbook webinar where Wafiq Ali of LuminAID was the guest speaker, I saw this as a sign! Always keep a positive attitude and open your heart up to the universe. Wafiq came across as warm and friendly, and with the honest intention of wanting to help people in distress. He spoke about a promotion LuminAID was planning for World Refugee Day,  where they would be donating a lantern and "The Shoe that Grows" would donate a pair of shoes that expands 5 sizes, to refugee children in Afghanistan and Tanzania. 
This got me thinking, doing good is sometimes more rewarding than financial gain. I decided to contact Wafiq and see if there was any possibility of representing LuminAID in South Africa, where so many disadvantaged people could benefit from having a safe and affordable light source.
Our goal is to  get LuminAID up and running, and then add the "Give light, Get Light" programme to our offering. Customers would buy a light for themselves and sponsor a 2nd light at a reduced rate for a family in need. We have identified an NGO that trains field workers in Fire Safety as the first recipient of this programme.
We are honoured to have been entrusted with this awesome global brand and will do our best to live up to the ethical, social and environmental standards set by the founders.